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Will the fresh air system replace the air purifier into the mainstream of the market?
In 2017, the new concept of “new wind” was frequently exposed, and the heat continued to rise.

Unlike the air purifiers we are familiar with, the fresh air system is an air circulation treatment system consisting of a ventilator, a pipe, and the like. In short, the fresh air system is in the case of not opening the window, the new wind comes in, the wind blows out, and the room keeps the fresh air.

With the "new popularity" of the new wind, the battle for the purification effect of the fresh air system and the air purifier has never stopped.

Some people say that the fresh air system is a large air purifier, but it is not.

Although, the fresh air system quickly became popular in China because of its technology. But in essence, the most important function of the fresh air system is ventilation. Compared with natural ventilation, it has a large amount of ventilation, and there is a row of ventilation. The airflow organization is scientific and reasonable, and the ventilation effect is better. For families whose housing space is not transparent, it is a major contributor to the scientific improvement of ventilation.

At the same time, the application of the fresh air system can effectively control the indoor air humidity, and there will be no mold and bacteria in the autumn and winter, which will ensure the health and the life of the furniture and buildings.

In addition, ventilation of the window is inevitably causing noise and other problems, and the use of the fresh air system can block the noise. For those who have high requirements for sleep quality, people who do not like window opening due to noise problems have become a newcomer.

According to Ovi Cloud, by 2020, the size of China's fresh air market will reach 50 billion yuan. More institutions predict that the new wind market is about to usher in a period of rapid growth, and the future will be worth 100 billion. According to statistics, in Europe and the United States where air is better, the popularity rate of public buildings and families has reached more than 90%, while the current penetration rate in China is less than 2%.

Such a huge market has attracted many companies to actively deploy, not only the beauty, Gree, Haier and other home appliance giants, but also 352, Air Fort, Zhixiang Kongjing, LIFAair and other fresh air system professional enterprises.

"Consumer upgrades have come, people's demand for air has also escalated, from outdoor pollution protection to intelligent management of indoor air quality, consumers have higher demand for air consumption, and fresh air systems have emerged as the times require." .

In the eyes of most companies that are doing fresh air systems, the fresh air system is not a substitute for air purifiers, but a product of social progress.

"The future two products will coexist. The new wind products are characterized by external circulation, and the empty net is internal circulation." 352 environmental protection technology-related person in charge said, "If only for smog, then the fresh air system is not a necessity."
Zhang Wendong, general manager of LIFAair, also publicly stated that the fresh air system and the air purifier are not mutually substitutes, and should not be used to compare the advantages and disadvantages, because there are great differences in the purification principle, the use scene and the purification function. Should complement each other and support.

Compared with the already mature market of air purifiers, the fresh air market is still in the growth stage. At the beginning of the development of air purifiers, there are mixed phenomena, chaotic prices, lack of regulations, etc., and the new winds cannot solve these problems. Therefore, for the new wind in the growth period, what is currently being done is not to consider how to play with the air purifier, but to introduce national standards as soon as possible, formulate industry norms, rectify industry chaos, strengthen consumption guidance, etc., and make the fresh air system more rational and Healthy development.

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